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Cap Theorem

The BASE acronym was defined by Eric Brewer, who is also known for formulating the CAP theorem. The CAP theorem states that a distributed computer system cannot guarantee all of the following three properties at the same time: Consistency:  every read would get you the most recent write,  all executions of reads and writes seen by all nodes… Read More »

SQL vs. NoSQL; An Overview

In this article, we’ll outline the differences between SQL and NoSQL, the vast array of differences within NoSQL technologies themselves, and discuss if  RDBMS  really are a thing of the past. NoSQL is a category of databases distinctly different from SQL databases. NoSQL is often used to refer to data management systems that are “Not SQL” or an… Read More »

Types of NoSQL Databases

Types of NoSQL Databases Document Oriented DatabasesA document database is designed to store semi-structured data as documents, typically in JSON or XML format.At a collection level, this allows for putting together a diverse set of documents into a single collection. Document databases allow indexing of documents on the basis of not only its … Document Oriented Databases A… Read More »

Categories of Databases

OLTP  is a class of systems that supports or facilitates high transaction-oriented applications it is characterized by a large number of short on-line transactions (INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE). The main emphasis for OLTP systems is put on very fast query processing, maintaining data integrity in multi-access environments and an effectiveness measured by number of transactions per second.